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StrikeForce and Defense Protected Power Systems Products

KMA is committed to providing the best security services and products to Federal, DoD, State, Municipal, and Commercial customers.  As such, we are a proud reseller StrikeForce products and distributor of Defense Protected Power Systems (DPPS) products.  

StrikeForce Products

Today's fast paced world is filled with hackers, bad actors, and persistent identity thieves.  Having several layers of security is the key to keeping your information from being vulnerable to those that seek to do harm.  To that end, KMA is a reseller for the following StrikeForce products:

  • ProtectID-Intelligent Dynamic Out-of-Band Authentication

  • GuardedID-Anti-Keylogging Software

  • GuardedID Mobile-Keystroke Encryption for Mobile Applications

  • MobileTrust-Security for Mobile Devices

Defense Protected Power Systems (DPPS)

Protecting the equipment that protects your data is something many people in the security industry often overlook.  Too often, security professionals assume utilizing a commercial-off-the-shelf UPS is sufficient to protecting their highly sensitive communication equipment. Unfortunately, your equipment may still be vulnerable to power strikes.  Further, unchecked daily electricity can reduce the life span of equipment if it is not filtered properly. To combat these issues, KMA can provide DPPS products that protect your equipment and optimize their lifespan. Products such as the DPU 4, DPU 415, RP24004A, and RP6000 can give your equipment the protection it needs to continue protecting and expand its life cycle.  

LightPointe Wireless Bridge Solutions

Imagine needing connectivity between a building in a campus setting or that is miles away.  Traditionally, you might run cable through existing infrastructure. This likely will require permits, environmental impact studies, trenching, or more, which exponentially increases the costs of connecting the buildings and could take a long time to complete.  Now, imagine eliminating completing this connectivity in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.  Utilizing a LightPointe Wireless Bridge solution can accomplish all of these goals.  LightPointe uses point-to-point precision laser systems to beam your bandwidth to a receiver miles away. LightPointe systems eliminate the hassle of traditional trenching and have 99.999% network availability.  KMA is a proud reseller and installer of these systems and can provide you with a hassle free, reliable network that brings you into the 21st century of technological innovation. 

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