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KMA Resolves Data Extension Roadblock with Custom Laser Solution


KMA was tasked with extending additional data service for a DOD client with specific and unique obstacles on site.  The major challenge of this floodplain-located site was the frequent deluges to the low lying area presented environmental roadblocks that made traditional underground data extentions impossible.  


KMA recommended a radical solution involving a line of sight system with low level lasers that would allow connectivity.  This secure system can easily beam bandwidth from building to building by mounting low environmental impact laser heads to the side of each structure.  The result is an uninterupted stream that is not obstructed by rain or bird flight and is elevated above pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  


This current solution will save the government customer hundreds of thousands of dollars versus the traditional trenchening solution.  This location could prove to be a model for data extensions.  The customer is now considering implementing this solution at additional sites. 

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