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Past Performance

Team KMA has provided a wide variety of IT services, Strategic Planning, and Project Management since our inception in 2001.  Below you will find a sampling of our work which illustrates our breadth and capability.
GNOSC & Information
Assurance Support


Under the Managed Network Services and NETWORX contracts, we have provided Tier I and Tier II Network Engineers supporting the USARC's 940 locations.  Our engineers provide proactive security monitoring, security incident handling, Information Assurance (IA), DITSCAP, DIACAP support, SOC, CIRT, network architecture, identify and respond to possible security threats, and provide passive and active intrusion detection.  In addition, we provide highly qualified Life Cycle Engineers, Event Managers, Computer Network Defense Auditors (CND-AU), Project Managers, and Circuit Provisioning Managers in support of USARC.  

Strategic Planning


KMA is unmatched in strategic planning cell experience by our approach to provide Clinger-Cohen oversight for all C4/IT investments in the United States Army Reserve Command. We have past experience serving as the primary interface between the Army Reserve and the geographically oriented Regional ACSIM CIOs.

Additionally, KMA has Operated the USARC ESA as the single full-function DOIM for all Army Reserve locations throughout the continental United States (CONUS). We have provided information management and information technology services supporting the Army Reserve and other users as requested.  

Trouble Ticket Support


We specialize in providing solutions for unconventional and unique IT projects.  We have extended data services via DS3 and T1, as well as utilizing line of sight solutions.  We are capable of meeting Mission Assurance Category (MAC) levels 1, 2 and 3 across CONUS.  To keep costs low, we explore whether a remote solution is possible to avoid extended technician or travel costs.  Our support has included resolution of VOIP legacy systems such as Notel and Alcatel, as well as CCME and CUCM.  Applying the highest level of service to provide unique solutions is what we do best.  


Enterprise Architecture

KMA supported the Army Enterprise Service Desk, CIO/G6 by providing a Lead Enterprise Architect.  This effort comprised TNOSC and NOSC support by integrating three Army Service Desks into a Tier 1 7th SC (Theatre) service desk capability.  We supported deployment and operation of a CONUS Army Enterprise Support Management System capability utilizing BMC, Computer Associates, and RightNow products.  This demonstrates KMA's abilitiy to transition customers from being a direct IT service provider to a consumer and manager of IT services, while ensuring a predictable cost for IT management.  


We have provided Contract Advisory and Assistance Services (CAAS) for the United States Army Reserve (USAR).  KMA recognizes that todays' Army Reserve is busier than ever. It is this tempo that is what necessitates the best application of human capital, best practices and organizational designs that are essential for successful operations. KMA assisted the USAR CIO to make the best decisions given all known constraints and circumstances by providing the best advisory assistance, we helped meet mission requirements and achieved decisive results.  

Project Management

KMA uses Project Management Institute (PMI) guidelines in planning and managing implementation projects. PMI, the standards body that certifies project managers as Project Management Professionals (PMP), is the gold standard for project management training. By following their standards, KMA is not only assuring consistent approaches across its own global footprint, we are also providing a template for project management operations for all involved in the project.  KMA has provided Project Management for USAR, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and other DOD clients.

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program


A major concern of the Department of Defense for our nation's service members and their families is the successful reintegration of military personnel following an operational deployment.  As such, the Yellow Ribbon Rintegration Program sought to give service members access to necessary support and guide them to the appropriate information, services, benefits, proactive outreach opportunities, and referrals.  Team KMA's role was to provide surveying, data analysis, and a subject matter experts panel that offered insight into the effectiveness of the program.  

Active Shooter & Threat Protocol Training


Local municipalities and their police departments, charged with providing public safety, can be ill equipped to guard against violent crimes in an ever changing world.  As such, the City of McDonough Police Department sought to prepare their SWAT teams for the multitude of possible threats by conducting Active Shoorter & Threat Protocol Training.  Team KMA's role was to conduct pistol & patrol rifile/carbine and active shooter performance exercises.  KMA developed real life scenarios for the City of McDonough Police SWAT Team. 

QASP Support

Dynamic Research Corporation (DRC) provides a multitude of IT services to a variety of customers including the Army, Air Force, National Oceanic and Aviation Administration (NOAA), Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and more.  Semi-annually, this company needs to ensure customer satisfaction is high and continuing to improve as part of the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP).  In order to provide non-skewed results, DRC contracted to for a survey to be completed by independent parties.  The role of KMA is to provide the knowledge and expertise to gain reliable quantitative and qualitative survey results for the customer. 


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