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AmeriCorps Taps KMA to Resolve IT Challenges


AmeriCorps, the arm of the National Civilian Conservation Corps, was facing IT infrastructure and performance issues at it's Vicksburg, MS campus.  The location is retro-fitted in the historic All Saints Episcopal girls school established in 1908.  KMA was tapped to provide some much needed services and bring this quasi-governmental entity to a more functional IT state.  


AmeriCorps, the program that attracts college students across the United States to volunteer their services for tuition reimbursement, was in need of an IT refresh.  Among the issues the organization faced were legacy phone systems, unlabeled wiring, no over arching diagram of the infrastructure, poor connectivity, and the task of bringing an early 1900's buidling into the 21st century.  


Over time, KMA has worked with AmeriCorps and their budget to gradually bring the campus, offices, and dorms to an acceptable standard.  Some of the projects KMA has completed are extension of internet connectivity to classrooms and offices, installation of wireless antenae, upgrading cable to Cat 6, and providing a visio diagram and map of all data connections for future reference.  


Given budget constraints, the AmeriCorps site is far from state of the art information technology. However, KMA has helped bring this site to greater functionality, allowing AmeriCorps to accomplish its important mission.  

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