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KMA Corporate Staff


Annette Westcott

Annette O'Banion is a retired United States Army Officer who specializes in Organizational Strategic Planning and Implementation.  She holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development.  A former member of the World Futures Society; the former Founder and CEO of two successful small businesses that specialize in solutions and customer care;  an active participant  with local government with experience in government operations and solutions both local and federal.   Her leadership solutions are creative,  results oriented, time honored and effective.   

Ralph Shaw,
Vice President

Short bio on Ralph....

Joey Balog,
Strategic Analyst

Mr. Balog is a graduate of Georgia State University with Masters Degree in Public Administration and Policy Analysis (MPA, 2008).  In his capacity as Strategic Analyst, Mr. Balog is responsible for planning and operations management.  Mr. Balog coordinates all staff actions; provides operational oversight and provides business development support.  His experience includes:  Proposal, Security and Human Capital Management.      

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